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Wills and Powers of Attorney

Wills aren't just for the wealthy. A will lets you decide how your assets are distributed after your death. It also lets you name who will care for your children if they are minors. A will can also direct how you'd like your remembrance - whether you have a funeral, cremation, or memorial. A will can even make provisions for your pet/s.

Powers of Attorney are useful during your lifetime if something should happen to you and you can't make decisions for yourself or manage your affairs.  You determine who you'd like to manage your financial and/or medical decisions in the event you are unable to. 

As part of our will preparation services, we provide you with a financial and medical power of attorney as well.  These documents provide the foundation for your estate planning and can give you peace of mind knowing your wishes are documented.  

You can always change any of these documents at any time, depending on your needs and wishes.